Catriona Stewart

Catriona Stewart

Catriona Stewart – Artist

Catriona comes from the The Highlands of Scotland and now lives in North Yorkshire.  She ran her own international design business for many years, and although she still designs to commission, she is now a practising painter.

She paints mainly in oils and acrylic, and is primarily a colourist.  In her current work she allows diverse styles, both abstract and representational, to co-exist, at times combining both.  Her subject matter is her immediate world, both visible and invisible.  Her studio is a large granary in one of Yorkshire’s most famous racing stables.


Catriona Stewart – Designer

Catriona Stewart is an internationally known designer and has designed for the Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery, the Royal Academy and has sold in Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols and Liberty’s. She has had exhibitions of her work in both London and Yorkshire.

The rugs are made by traditional weavers in the mountains near Konya in Turkey, the whole process being carried out by hand from the dyeing of the wool to the final washing and cutting of the finished piece.  The rugs are knotted in the living rooms and barns of the villagers in the traditional way.  They use the very highest quality wool, from the winter staples of mountain sheep, which gives beauty and intensity to the colour.  Because each piece is entirely hand made it has its own energy which comes from the subtle variations of tone, colour and texture.

Catriona designs to commission and is capable of doing both large and very small projects.  Her prices vary according to the piece, but a rough guide would be £700 per square metre for a new design, and £600 for an adaptation of one already made.  Rugs take about four months to make.